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Not sure how to control your acne?

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

6 reasons why you should see a #dermatologist for your #acne:

1) Not all acne is the same

There is a range of different acne lesions leading to mild, moderate or severe acne

2) Treating acne might not always be straightforward

There is no one-stop shop for all types. Based on the severity of your acne, your dermatologist might recommend different approaches. As you can see there is a long list of medical treatment options for acne, let alone cosmetic procedures

3) The treatment plan is specific to each patient

Depending on your skin type (dry or oily, light or dark), a dermatologist can provide the best care for your skin using their clinical judgement, referring to scientific evidence from research studies and considering patient values

4) Safety is just as important as effectiveness

While several home remedies or over the counter products might work well for some, it might not be safe for everyone. If the product is not compatible with your skin, you might end up with other rashes or pigmentation changes while treating your acne

5) Scientific studies are needed before treatment is deemed safe and effective

The last slide simply highlights how dermatologists rely heavily on scientific evidence before deciding how we manage our patients. The American Academy of Dermatology and other societies such as the American Acne and Rosacea Society provide us with guidelines and recommendations with evidence from research studies as well as expertise of dermatologists who spent years in medical training and with decades of clinical experience

6) You don’t need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on fancy acne creams in beauty stores

Depending on the type of medical insurance, several acne medications are typically covered. Even if you don’t have insurance, often there are cost effective prescription treatment options. Talk to a dermatologist!

For my next post I’ll focus on herbs (botanicals), vitamins and minerals that you can buy over the counter for your acne, but the ones backed by scientific evidence! Stay tuned!

Got questions related to specific medical treatment options for acne? Send me a message! *Not medical advice*

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